1. Our lobby is always inviting, but never more so than during the hosted wine reception from 5 to 6.

  2. Sit. Chat. Read. Relax. Have a staring contest with a painting. Our lobby is here for you anytime.

  3. Two beds (and sets of Italian Frette linens!) are better than one in the Monaco Queen Queen Room.

  4. Who made you king? We did, at least of your Monaco King Room. Come rule the 300 square feet.

  5. Feel regal with city views and a plush pillowtop bed in your Monaco King Room. (Crown not included.)

  6. Oh, Seattle: so many cafes to try, so many fish to watch fly. When you need to just sit, we're on it.

  7. The amazing grays and red the shade of fire will spark your desire for the Deluxe King Room.

  8. Deep soaking tub? Check. Walk-in shower? Check. The Deluxe King Room lives up to the luxe in its name.

  9. If you have to work while traveling (boo!), you might as well do it ergonomically.

  10. We bet you'll love being a high roller in the Premier Monte Carlo Suites, on the top three floors.

  11. The only requirement to stay in the Ambassador Suite (our biggest): a respect for purple couches.

  12. Yeah, so we have a thing for coffee in Seattle. Premier Rooms keep you caffeinated in Keurig style.

  13. Like any good monarch, the Monaco Queen Room is sweet yet pleasantly powerful.

  14. The sky-high Premier King Rooms look just as good on the inside as you'd imagine them to be.

  15. Books, flowers and an iPod alarm clock, of course - the makings of an ideal modern nightstand.

  16. You'll need somewhere to write all those “wish you were here!” postcards to everyone back home.

  17. Our bathrooms are anything but basic, as our luxury bath amenities and wild wallpaper can attest to.