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Fit for Techies

Luxury Tech Hotel near Amazon in Seattle

A tech map of Seattle

"Nerd" might be an insult some places, but in Seattle, it’s a compliment. A pinch of geekiness makes up the foundations of the city, and we’ve got the tech companies to prove it — everything from monoliths like Microsoft and Amazon to hot startups that are poised to be the major players of tomorrow. If you’re here for an interview or consulting gig, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Seattle is the perfect place to stay — not only will you dig our vibe, but we’re within close proximity to tons of companies with headquarters or offices in the Seattle area:

Traveling for business?

Hotel Monaco Seattle stands as a prime choice for business travelers, given its strategic proximity to the major tech hubs in the city. Whether you're liaising with Microsoft, Amazon, or burgeoning startups, you'll find their offices easily accessible from our location. Beyond the convenience of locale, the hotel boasts meeting and event rooms perfect for hosting seminars, or intimate business gatherings. Guests can benefit from our ongoing promotions, ensuring not only a seamless professional experience but also cost-effective perks for event needs. Stay connected, productive, and comfortable while enjoying the best of Seattle's business ecosystem.